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Tommy Love - To My Number 1 Fan

04 Sep 2010

Are You ready For Love?

Tommy has released a trailer for his brand new spectacular 'Are you ready for Love?' Currently there exists no venue in the world large enough to hold the genius's powerful new eponymous life story, but rest assured, he insists he is working on scaling it down to a more modest stadium size version...

05 May 2010

Tommy's Mother's Day Tribute

Tommy has released his step by step guide to the extraordinary process of becoming a mother. Once more Tommy goes deep inside himself, and others to explore the miracle that brought us all into this world, through that other miracle - singing and dancing.

06 Aug 2009

Tommy on TV3's Telethon - Sat 8th August

Tommy and his Loungerillo Orchestra will be starring in this weekend's TV3 "Telethon" event!
Tommy will be performing a song of Love to raise money for "Kidscan Standtall", one of Tommy's favourite charities, as he's always recognised the importance of good posture for children. The event begins at 7pm tomorrow night, and the Love train rolls in at approximately 9:48pm. So be sure to make your Saturday night - party night - by watching television. Even make a kind donation...?
Thank you very much. Thank you very very very much.

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20 Jul 2009

Tommy salutes Sir Ed

As we've come to know, his Love keeps lifting us higher. And for Sir Ed's birthday, Tommy has taken Love's elevator all the way up to where the eagles fly on a mountain high, in a very special solo tribute to one of his greatest inspirations... "Sir Edmund Hillary - Hero of Love"

07 Jul 2009

Help Tommy help the children... more!!

Tommy's hit single "I did it for rock" is going to help the children for even longer. Until the end of July, you can download the powerful soft-rock ballad just by clicking the link "Download song for charity" below right.

15 Jun 2009

Tommy appearing live on TV 1's Good Morning! - 17th June

June 17th is Barry Manilow's birthday, and The Good Morning Show have wisely decided to celebrate this important occasion. As Barry wasn't available to perform in person, they decided to get the next best thing in the Hutt Valley, Tommy Love!!! Tommy will be sharing a couple of Barry¹s favourite songs, and his own tribute to Manilow - "I did it for rock!" Don¹t miss Tommy¹s special words of wisdom and inspiration throughout the morning. After all.. Barry might write the songs that make the whole world sing, but Tommy¹s the one who deals with love and special things.

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31 May 2009

Tommy Love's Valentine Spectacular ON SCREEN!

Thanks to Director extraordinaire and philosopher of Love Costa Botes (Forgotten Silver), Tommy Love will be having the long anticipated premiere of his Valentine Spectacular Movie - screening on May 31st to a studded audience of dignitaries, bikers and members of the love fraternity, as well as some very lucky fans... perhaps you could be one?


14 Feb 2009

Tommy Love's Valentine Spectacular!

This Valentine’s Day… let Tommy Love uncover… the lover in you. Las Vegas sensation Tommy Love is back! And his eponymous new Valentine’s Day show is more spectacular than ever! For the first time Tommy shares with Wellington the intimate details of his very own Love story. It’s a journey from the pre-pubescent stirrings of passion to the full-blown glory of Love - the Man, and the almost mystical power he has over the ladies. And with a little help from his luscious Loungerines, sexy sequinned showgirls and the ultra-groovy Loungerillo Orchestra… Tommy Love will lift us up where we belong!


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