Tommy Love

Are You ready For Love?
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Tommy Says...
“One Love, one heart. Let's get together and feel. Alright!”
Tommy Love
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Tommy Love - To My Number 1 Fan

 Download Tommy's wallpaper

Tommy's wallpaper is suitable for a standard/classic 4:3 Screen (ie can be used with

Click on the image you wish to use as wallpaper and follow the instructions which appear.

  Tommy Love wallpaper1   Tommy Love wallpaper 2  


Click on thumbnail for display of full image. When displayed, follow instructions displayed.:
  PC: Right click on image and 'Set as Background' or 'Set as Wallpaper'
  MAC OSX: Drag the image onto your desktop. Go to System Preferences. Then go to the Desktop icon and open it. Then drag the image into the well.
  MAC OS9: Drag the image onto your desktop. Go to your Control Panel and select Appearance. Click 'set desktop' and choose your new desktop.