Tom Mcleod

Tom McLeod conducting


“Working with Tom has been a fantastic creative journey. I set out to make a film where the story told could be done without relying on dialogue. If you go down that road the danger is you have a film that feels empty. From the onset I knew that what would fill that emptiness was the score. The right music would fill the film with all it needed to tell the story. It would add fifty percent again to the story telling.

I watched Tom fill that space with musical wonder and delight. His nuances gave the scenes a stronger purpose and resonance. His musical ideas added so much joy to the film.

He introduced a whistle from the key character which has made the film. It added something special and solved a problem I had wrestled with from the beginning. Iím in the UK so lots of late night calls meant that when I woke up in the morning, I woke to listen to Tomís latest efforts.

It was a magical journey and Iím very grateful for the opportunity to work with such a fantastic talent.”
Karen Kelly - Director/Writer

“I worked with Tom McLeod on the music for an international 3D feature film, 'Into The Rainbow' which I directed in both China and New Zealand. This was the first ever official co-production between those two countries, and with such a prestigious project it was important to get things right, especially when it came to the film score.

Tom was our first choice to compose, orchestrate and produce all our musical needs, and we never regretted our decision for a second. His music was brilliant, his attitude wonderful and his work rate astonishing. Collaborating with the 'creative and musical' Mr. McLeod has been one of the happiest and most rewarding experiences of my film making career - (which has included such masters of their craft as Hans Zimmer, Stanley Myers and Carl Davis).
I can't wait to work with him again.”
Norman Stone - Director

“Tom produced a stunning soundtrack for my feature documentary The Art of Recovery. Working within the budget, he focused on getting the best outcome possible and was a pleasure to work with every step of the way. He took direction, he understood the complexity and emotion around an inspiring story that came out of human tragedy and he delivered a sound track that brought so much to the finished film. Tomís a brilliant composer I have no hesitation in recommending him to any director.”
Peter Young - Producer Director

“Tom is the perfect collaborator, because long before you talk about the project he already has a great understanding of, script, tone and characters.
He invests as deeply as you do into a project and what he creates, moulds and applies through his musical talents is like a world class magicians slight of hand.
Music ideas can be hard to express to a composer, because we don't have the same musical articulation and level of musical talent to convey what we want.
However Tom has a brilliant selective ear for interpreting a creative vision and then applying music to elevate any scene.”
Craig Newland - Director - 3 Mile Limit

“Tom's very smart and creative in terms of how he approaches his soundtrack work. He thinks about characters and story first, so his music grows organically out of the project's bones. He's very versatile (a creative strength), and very quick (a practical asset not to be underestimated). Most amazingly, the pretentious twaddle that one normally chews over before the real work gets done, actually translates into meaningful notes and themes. Tom doesn't just talk the talk, he delivers the goods. He's like a bespoke tailor, sewing and stitching and weaving a marvelous outfit of nuanced mood and colour all around the body of the film. If your movie looks a bit like Ricky Gervais to start with, it might end up more like James Bond when Tom's done with it. He's a terrific collaborator, well worth bringing aboard as early in the life of a project as possible.”
Costa Botes - Filmmaker - Forgotten Silver, Candyman, Last Dogs Of Winter, Angie

“Tom McLeod is a wonderful composer and arranger. One of the best. His skill and versatility are a very valuable asset to any musical project.”
Russell Garcia – Oscar winning Composer/Arranger

“...An outstanding job. Not only did Tom deliver exactly the kind of music I was after, he also managed to surprise me constantly with his own interpretations of the project. These personal touches, plus a healthy dose of professionalism (and the fact that he's not a bad bloke) give you a composer I wouldn't hesitate to use again in the future.”
Thomas Robins Ė Emmy Award winning Writer/Director of Resservoir Hill, The Killian Curse

“Tom's contribution was inspirational and proved to be a valuable story telling tool. His music complemented and enhanced our stories, giving both shows a 'feature film' quality. Genius!”
Stephen Campbell, Writer/Director The Amazing Extraordinary Friends and Secret Agent Men

“…a brilliant musician who blew us away with the professionalism and originality of his composing... Tom will win an Oscar some day soon - I just hope it's for one of Greenstone’s shows!”
John Harris, Executive Producer/Managing Director of Greenstone Pictures.

“Tom McLeod is like having an "orchestra" of composers on tap - as he can deliver any style, sound, symphony your show requires. He's classic, hip and always on time and budget”
Debra Kelleher Ė Producer Karaoke High, One Night Only, The Tribe, Atlantis High, Revelations